Smart Compu Solutions helped many organizations to upgrade their IT infrastructure in smart way. We provide End-to-End virtualization services which helps your organization to improve the flexibility of IT environment and optimize your resource cost.
Smart Compu Solutions also offers Professional Services for Consulting, Designing, Capacity Planning, Implementation and Configuration as well as 24 X 7 ongoing supports.


                                    Type of Virtualization:


  • Server Virtualization:This type of virtualization helps you to better utilization of your resources, reduce operational cost and get the required flexibility to adapt to changing business requirements using virtualized server.
  • Application Virtualization: application virtualization solution helps your employees to handle large and fluctuating work volume, and also helps to optimal utilization of existing hardware.
  • Desktop Virtualization: Desktop Virtualization Services helps to control IT environment and data security. This terminology supports your remote clients in real time decision making and rollout system update by implementing desktop virtualization.
  • Storage Virtualization:Demand of storage is increasing, As the business expands. We provides storage virtualization which helps in performing a task like backup, archiving and recovery also it efficiently utilize available storage.